How we work

Being genuinely independent means that we are have complete flexibility to tailor our input precisely to your needs. We will never come with an off the shelf solution, neither do we have to promote a common corporate solution to any particular problem.

But our practice is informed by a clear set of values, which put the customer and the end user of their services at the centre of what we do.

Firstly, we believe that the key to a successful assignment is to ensure that we properly understand the client’s needs. We will never assume that we know what your issues are without working hard to get under the surface of your organisation,

Second, we believe passionately in working in collaboration with our clients. The key, for us, to effective consultancy is knowledge transfer. We want your relationship with us to realise a long term return on your investment: for your managers and staff to develop new skills and long term capability as a result of our engagement. We do not come in, do a job and disappear.

Third, we put the end user of your services at the centre of our consideration. Our passion is to deliver effective services, which improve outcomes and life chances and build social capital for your service users. We never lose sight of the reasons why you, and we, chose to work in this sector.

Our prices are always tailored to the nature of the assignment. We aim to price competitively and are very happy to share our client’s risk and for our reward to be contingent on, for example, a successful bid.