Practical solutions – real imagination

KML Consulting Ltd was established in 2012 to provide practical, value-driven advice to organisations in the offender management, criminal justice and wider public services sectors. We aim to work collaboratively with our clients to improve performance, develop innovative and effective service proposals, to pursue new opportunities and to develop management capability.

Our approach is driven by 25 years’ experience delivering services in the public and voluntary sectors. We bring realism to our approach. An emphasis on collaboration and knowledge transfer and, above all, an absolute passion to help to develop and deliver services which are effective and needs-driven.

We offer advice which draws on real and extensive experience of operational delivery, which is practical and grounded and, above all which provides our customers with value for money and a long term return on their investment.

Our work includes, but is not limited to,  the following areas:

  • Service development and design, in particular in community offender management, custodial services and community crime prevention services
  • Developing payment by results proposals
  • Strategic positioning in offender management and related markets
  • Developing collaborative/consortium approaches
  • Developing innovative bids and service propositions
  • Developing high value strategic and cross-sector partnerships

And we have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Developing services for offenders in the community
  • Offender housing services
  • Prison management
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Payment by results
  • Social investment